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The license plate for the state of Indiana, where I was raised, used to

say “Wanderer”. That never made a damn bit of sense to me for a land of

corn and hog farmers, but I followed it like a mantra around the world a

couple of times. I’m not saying a photographer has to go 12,000 miles to

photograph, but I had to go that far, and then I took pictures.

That paragraph would have applied to me for quite a few years as I

traveled the world, from my teens well into my 50’s; but I don’t think it

holds true now. I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years, the last 8

without leaving the state, let alone girdling the globe. At first, I found it

difficult to see things I wanted to photograph. Perhaps unusual for

Colorado, I was drawn not to the magnificent mountains, but to Eastern

Colorado. The desert and plains visually and emotionally appeals to me

as much as the Himalaya or a teeming Indian city, but in color and form it

is subtle in it’s earth tones ; It gives up it’s secrets grudgingly, and I had to

work at it, and be patient for the West to allow me to find it’s face

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