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I spent 3 years as a Peace Corps volunteer,  then some years bumming around, and some years as a trekking guide in Nepal, India, and Tibet. The photos in this Himalaya gallery are from all of those countries, including Burma ( Myanmar). There is a story that is connected to probably all of them, a girl from an untouchable family of 8 daughters in the village in which I lived, a daughter came back to Tibet to care for her dying father who had been trained by the CIA in Colorado to join the resistance to the Chinese in Tibet, two girls shyly looking at me as they deliver some buffalo yogurt for my morning breakfast, a Tibetan Drukpa, or nomad in his yak hair tent near Lake Namtso, Tibet. If I wrote them all here, this would become more narrative than visual, so these stories will have to be saved for some future book, and your imagination will fill in the rest.

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